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Kentucky Wildcats Friday Links: Hittin' Kittens Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Kentucky softball wins first game of Women's College World Series, plays Alabama tonight. Bat Cats play Kansas this afternoon in NCAA Baseball Tournament. More.

Rich DeCray

Yesterday, Kentucky softball defeated Louisiana-Lafayette 4-1 to advance to the Winner's Bracket of the Women's College World Series. We'll have a bit more about that in another post coming up later this morning, hopefully.

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Your Quickies:

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  • Girl woman power! Seriously, the ladies have upstaged the men to a large degree this season, and are propelling Kentucky to the best year I can ever remember in college sports overall. Consider:

    Of Kentucky's 701.5 total points in the current Directors' Cup standings, UK's women's teams have accounted for 57.7 percent (404.5) — and that does not take into account the 85 points earned by the coed UK rifle team.

  • Bat Cats saving A.J. Reed for possible clash with Louisville. I think this is wise, if they can get away with it.

  • Bat Cats take on Kansas today. We'll have an open thread, of course.

  • KSR previews the Louisville regional.

  • Wildcats not overlooking confident Kansas team. Consider:

    Kansas makes the trek to Louisville having won its last nine Big 12 conference regular-season games before entering postseason play, including 11 of its last 15 games overall. Prior to reeling off nine straight Big 12 regular season wins, the Jayhawks sat at 23-20 on the season with slim hopes of making the NCAA Tournament, but that's the funny thing about baseball: Any team can get hot at any time of the season.

  • Kentucky on course for a record Director's Cup showing.

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  • The SEC is thinking about tweaking tie-breaker rules for the playoff era:

    The SEC is leaning toward using cross-divisional schedule strength to break ties for teams to advance to the league's championship game, sources told

    Such a method would be at the bottom of a lengthy list of tiebreakers. But this being the SEC and football in the South, such things matter -- a lot. A change has to be made with the end of the BCS and beginning of the College Football Playoff era. The league previously used the BCS standings to break ties to decide a division.

  • So college football is "Inhumane?" So says Malcolm Gladwell:

    In what way is dog fighting any different from football on a certain level, right? I mean you take a young, vulnerable dog who was made vulnerable because of his allegiance to the owner and you ask him to engage in serious sustained physical combat with another dog under the control of another owner, right?

    Dude, you are seriously disturbed. Seek help.

  • SEC Lunch Links

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