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2014 NCAA Baseball Tournament: Kentucky's Road Through The Louisville Regional

Getting to the College World Series will require navigating a difficult group of teams.

Ronald Martinez

Yesterday, the Kentucky Wildcats baseball team team was selected to participate in the Louisville regional of the NCAA Men's Baseball Tournament. The road to Omaha begins in the River City for the Bat Cats, and the Louisville Cardinals are the host. Here's what the bracket looks like for our region:


Louisville is the #1 seed in this bracket, and Kentucky the #2. Kentucky faces off first against the Kansas Jayhawks, a team that the Wildcats have never met, which is somewhat surprising. The Jayhawks are the 3 seed, and you'll remember Kent State from back in 2012 when they eliminated Kentucky in a 21-inning marathon. That goodness we don't play them first.

Anyway, this bracket is typical double-elimination play with the winner going to the super-regional.  What that means is that the winners of the first two games go to the winner's bracket to face each other, and the losers go to the loser's bracket for an elimination game.  The winner of that game goes on to face the loser of the winner's bracket for an elimination game, and those winners face off for the right to move on.

As you'll notice, the Louisville region is paired with the Talahassee region, and if Florida State, the #5 national seed, wins that region they will host the super-regional If the winner is someone else, then we'll have to wait and see who gets host duties.