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Kentucky Wildcats Caption Corner: Petrino Must Have a Thing for Reds

Let's finally play Caption Corner, boys and girls.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Obviously, I've got some house cleaning to do first.  I haven't awarded the blue and white ribbons for the last two Caption Corners so let's get to it. The winners for the last time we played our little game during Louisville Hate Week, ABC (aka Greg Alan Edwards) getting the blue ribbon award with 7 rec'ds for:

What do you mean, "Masiello was faking his resume?...but he coached here, which means...Oh..."

by Greg Alan Edwards

The white ribbon prize with 4 rec'ds goes to:

Birdie-What is that ray of light burning my eyes? Rick-It's the glare off Kentucky's 9th National Championship trophy.


We had a total of 32 rec'ds for your great comments on this one.

Before that, we played the Caption Corner with the pic of Dakari and the little orange men. I didn't award your ribbons for this one either and I apologize.  I'm here to right that now.  This one had a total of 51 rec'ds (if I count the one KC G gave me) and some great captions as well.

The blue ribbon winner with 7 rec'ds goes to:

Sorry guys, coach just said if I hustle, I can have all the minutes I want!

The white ribbon award with 6 rec'ds goes to:

"I just knew that slipping that brown hair dye in Willie’s shampoo would mess up his mojo and get me more playing time. Muwahahahaha!!!!"

by tooblue

A great job on both by all of you!

✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥

The photo I chose for this one, well honestly, I don't think we have properly welcomed Bobby Petrino back to Louisville after his jaunt to Bowling Green after the little incident.  I still am not sure the motorcycle wreck actually happened but it matters not what went down that left him with the mangled face.  That being said, let's be neighborly and extend our thoughts as to what we think Coach Stoops has to say to our in-state rival coach west of Lexington.

Have fun with it!

As a bonus now you know tidbit, if anyone has been wondering, the older green'd comments turned blue with the change as well.   Yay!

As a reminder once again, if anyone is new to the Caption Corner, you simply select your favorite caption by recommending (clicking on the rec ✫) directly under the comment of your choice.