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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Clippers Collapse Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Barry Rohrssen holds introductory press conference. Bat Cats drop heartbreaker to Murray St. in extra innings. Kentucky hosts SEC Track and Field championships. More

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In case you missed it last night (and I confess, I did), the Los Angeles Clippers were up 13 points with 4 minutes left and managed to lose the game to the OKC Thunder. I blame Donald Sterling. There's more about this below.

Tweet of the Morning

This is so ACC.

Your Quickies:

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  • John Calipari is doing fine recovering from hip surgery. On, he talks about this as a "process." You all know I hate that word, but it is appropriate and I'll just have to live with that.

    The physical therapist came and met with me yesterday and we went out and walked for a bit. As we were getting done with physical therapy, he turns to me and says, "I know how much you want to skip steps and get this over with, but you just can’t. Your body won’t allow it. Just do a little bit more every day. If you get to the point where you’re trying to do too much, pull back."

    Sounds familiar to me. I'm sure it does to you.

  • Barry Rohrssen's introductory press conference.

    I like this guy. His articulation is very clear, and mostly concise. Seems like a really smart man, and he's definitely a smooth talker.

  • Three quick thought on Barry Rohrssen's presser.

    1. Grateful to be here. At one point, when Rohrssen talked about being here at Kentucky, his eyes got watery. Rohrssen said he came from a single-parent home in New York and that it was a dream come true to make it to this spot.

    I noticed this too. He got a little misty at one point. Made me feel good.

  • Position battles for next season from Eamonn Brennan. Today, shooting guards:

    Kentucky: Aaron Harrison versus Devin Booker

    Kentucky's most fascinating positional intrigue will come from the frontcourt, where John Calipari has approximately 754 NBA-prospect forwards to parse into some recognizable rotation. It's harder to imagine him shaking things up in the backcourt after March's runner-up run, especially now that the Harrisons seem to have figured things out. But Booker is absolutely a player to watch, especially if one or both of the Harrisons regress.

    I don't think either Harrison will regress, but I think Booker will get plenty of minutes.

  • Potential UK basketball target reclassifies to 2015 from 2016.

  • Eron Gordon is now on Kentucky's 2016 radar. We have a nice pipeline going from Indianapolis.

  • Kentucky comes after a Pittsburgh recruiting target. Cardiac Hill blames Barry Rohrssen.

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