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Cats In The NBA: Archie Goodwin Visits the Hoosegow

Bad Archie.

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How's that, Archie?
How's that, Archie?
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Archie Goodwin has himself some minor trouble with the law. According to Goodwin got in trouble outside his home town skating rink:

Goodwin, 19, was leaving the Arkansas Skatium, an ice and roller rink in his hometown of Little Rock, on May 4 when the incident occurred at approximately 11 p.m., according to Arkansas State Police public information officer Bill Sadler. A state trooper witnessed Goodwin cursing and "exhibiting aggressive gestures" toward another person while exiting the building and the trooper reported telling Goodwin twice to stop cursing twice, Sadler said.

Archie cursing? Aww, I can't imagine that < / sarcasm >. Seriously, pro basketball players in general don't take second place to anyone, not even former sailors like myself, when it comes to delivering a quality stream of profanity. The difference is, I make it a rule not to swear in public, especially not in skating rink parking lots where younger kids might be (although to be fair, I haven't been near a skating rink since the Nixon administration). If, for some reason, I were breaking my rule and a cop told me to stop I would do so, and finish my fight with whoever at another time, in another place.

But Archie did none of those things — he continued cursing, he made "aggressive gestures" toward some unnamed individual, and to top all that off, he resisted arrest. Bad Archie. Go directly to jail, and as a bonus, you get to explain your actions to a nice Arkansas judge, who won't care one bit about your mad hops or crossover dribble.

This is one of the big problems with one-and-done — these guy are not grown up enough to act like professionals, and they often act like young men with too much money and too little life experience, although this is one way to get some. This will be an excellent "teachable moment" for 19-year old Archie. My brother once chose to try and outrun a policeman in his souped-up Trans Am back in the 1970's. He chose poorly, but he was the wiser after he spent the night in the hoosegow and had to suffer the ignominy of having my mother come down and pick him up.

So hopefully will it be with Archie. What the Suns will have to say, if anything, is unknown, but when you are a young player fighting for playing time, you don't need to give the team a reason to believe you are a trouble child.

Well, I guess the best thing you can say about this is that he wasn't accused of harassing a homeless person.