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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickes: Paint It Black Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Matthew Mitchell signs 2016 player. Devin Booker's father talks about next season. UK Baseball's Michael Thomas on Gregg Olson award watch list. More.

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On this day in 1966, the Rolling Stones released the single, "Paint It Black"

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Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
  • This is a good thing. Via Hank.

  • Nice article on Levon Livingston although the headline says basketball recruiting.{Hank}

  • This is an interesting read and one reason why I am looking for alternatives for the star system and why I like Rank By Offers. My only response to the writer would be to point out that the 2016 recruiting cycle hasn't even started officially so there is plenty of time for his nephew to get some props. {Hank}

Kentucky basketball
  • Devin Booker's dad talks about next season:

    "It is going to be a great fit for him. I was proud of the decision he made and the style of play fits his style. Devin shoots the ball extremely well, so I think he can play in any system but he’s really excited to play for Kentucky," said Melvin Booker.

    We can't wait to see him in Blue and White, Mr. Booker.

Other Kentucky sports
College football
  • At Team Speed Kills, Brandon Larrabee follows up my earlier post about Jameis Winston. Consider:

    Now, it's been awhile since I was in college. Twelve years, in fact. But unless there's been an exponential increase in shoplifting since I was in college, I don't believe that walking out of a grocery story with $32 of seafood without paying for it represents "day-to-day life for the average student at Florida State."

    I'd just like to add that when I was in college (and trust me, that was a LOT longer than 12 years ago), Taco Tico or Godfather's Pizza represented haute cuisine for most of the students, especially me, and the football team as well. It would've never occurred to me to cook crab legs (or almost anything else) let alone take them out of a store without paying. I think maybe we made spaghetti a few times, perhaps a home-made hamburger or three, and a fair number of tuna salad sandwiches. Other than that, it was fast food or cafeteria food.

    Times have changed, I guess.

  • When coaches become fraudsters.

College basketball
Other sports news
Other news
  • Campus "rape tribunals" are failing:

    The Department of Education is investigating 55 schools on possible violations of female students' civil rights by mishandling sexual assault cases. Schools are accused of pushing victims not to report their crimes to police, dragging cases on for months without resolution and failing to investigate serious allegations.

    As the article says, rape investigations should be left to law enforcement. Hat tip: Instapundit

  • I like this, and I'm not sure why. But it's cool: