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Kentucky Wildcats Saturday Quickies: Commencement Day Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Today is commencement day at the University of Kentucky. Avery Williamson drafted by the Tennessee Titans. Softball plays Georgia tonight for the SEC championship. More.

J654567 (Wikimedia Commons)

Today is commencement day at the University of Kentucky. Congratulations to all the graduates.

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Congratulations to all!

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  • This is where a presumption of innocence meets "the seriousness of the allegations":

    Whatever the case, Oregon played two players in an NCAA Tournament game who were being actively investigated for an alleged rape. Ducks coaches received bonuses for winning a game. They had no idea where the investigation would lead, but they now look a pack of win-hungry pigs. We were all so proud of that team for beating BYU and playing its heart out against Wisconsin in Milwaukee.

    I'd be prouder had Oregon been blown out by BYU, playing shorthanded, because it believed nothing matters more than the core values of a great university. I'd have loved that message because it's one we could all get behind.

    This is just a bad situation. The police allegedly told Oregon to back off the players, and the coaches can now be accused of interpreting that to include suspending them or not playing them while the investigation was ongoing. Of course, the police deny going that far. No way they are going to take a PR hit.

    Rape is a very serious crime, perhaps the most serious crime that does not involve taking a life. However, without due legal process, three players have been dismissed from the team, and at this moment, have not been indicted or charged.

    What happens if they are innocent of this crime? The dismissal cannot be undone. The presumption of guilt associated with the dismissal cannot be cured. Regardless of the outcome of the legal process, these players are now presumed rapists. Even if they are not charged or found not guilty, they will always be tainted by this.

  • Centers to watch next season. Two Kentucky players are on this list.

  • Russ Smith's NCAA championship jersey goes missing. The author thinks its a conspiracy, and that somebody in Memphis took it/has it.

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