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2014 NFL Draft: Avery Williamson Drafted In The 5th Round By The Tennessee Titans

Avery Williamson is Kentucky's only player likely to be drafted this season, and he just went to the Titans as the 151st pick.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans today picked Avery Williamson in the fifth round, the 151st overall pick. Congratulations to Avery on the realization of his dream, and I'm absolutely positive he will be a great addition to the Titans, or wherever he ultimately winds up playing. Avery is a talented, highly motivated player who has changed his body a great deal in the last year and now looks the part of an NFL draft pick.

Here are some relevant tweets:

It's really awesome that Avery gets to play near home, and even more awesome if he gets to play with former Wildcats standout Wesley Woodyard. From Keith's profile of the other day:

The majority of services opinion is that he will go somewhere in the 5th or 6th round and a very interesting possibility for Williamson could be coming in the form of the Denver Broncos according to Woody Paige.

The destination was wrong, but the round was spot on. The Tennessee Titans community for SB Nation, Music City Miracles, had this to say:

The Titans select Avery Williamson, an inside linebacker from the University of Kentucky. So the Titans will have two linebackers from Kentucky. Will this finally end the Colin McCarthy regime in Nashville? He was the 140th ranked player on MtD's big board. Williamson visited the facilities as well so there goes that meme.

Not quite sure what all that means, not being a fan of the NFL, but I'm confident one of our savvy NFL guys or gals is either a Titans fan, or familiar with them. I get that Colin McCarthy is a current linebacker for them, so perhaps they are inclined to believe the organization will be moving him.

Overall, this seems like a good place for Williamson to begin his NFL career. I know Kentucky is really going to miss him, he was an impact player for the Wildcats on defense, and it's not immediately obvious who will fill his shoes going forward.