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Kentucky Basketball: Calipari Shoots Down Lakers Rumor Almost The Instant It Starts

Coach Cal was quick on the draw, this time, and leaves little room for doubt.

Andy Lyons

Well, we all knew the moment a high-profile coaching job became available, John Calipari would be associated with it. Comes now ESPN with news:

To that end, [finding a coach to replace Mike D'Antoni] sources say, Lakers officials intend to reach out to two of the biggest names in the college game -- UConn's Kevin Ollie and Kentucky's John Calipari -- to at least gauge their interest in the job.

I'd say there's no need to reach out to John Calipari. He's already made it pretty clear that he wants to stay at Kentucky, and why not? He's likely to have a more talented team than the Lakers will next season < / end snark >.

Seriously though, I couldn't blame the Lakers for trying, I think (like Billy Donovan anytime the UK job comes open), that's a door you probably should consider looking behind, even if you just find this:


John Calipari, never to to be caught by surprise by the likes of the NBA, had this prepared and ready to go:

That seems pretty unequivocal to me, but then again, I am a Kentucky fan and confirmation bias is likely to creep into my thinking when it comes to losing a coach that has brought UK four Elite Eights, three Final Fours, two NCAA Tournament finals and one NCAA Tournament championship. I admit, I'd kind of hate it if he left, especially to coach the Los Angeles Lakers, a team I've never particularly liked although I don't hate them or anything. If he went off to coach Boston, Chicago or New Orleans, I'd probably hate it a little bit less.

Honestly, what coach, college or pro, would not love a chance to work with Kentucky's team next season? On paper, it has to be one of the most talented teams that college basketball has ever produced at any time. Sure, that's a debatable point, but this team is right there and arguably at the top. What basketball coach wouldn't just drool at the chance to help these future NBA players reach their potential, or as close as can be achieved in a short NCAA career?