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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Dealing With Season's End Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Bat Cats lose to Morehead St. Softball crushes Wright St. 9-1. Continued talk about Rex Chapman's tweet. More.

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Ronald Martinez

It's weird. Every season after college basketball ends, it feels like something momentous has happened.

Tweet of the Morning

There it is — your unequivocal statement.

We'll never forget coach O.

Your Quickies:

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  • This story from SB Nation asks some interesting questions about Kentucky basketball, all pretty much in a negative light, i.e. did Calipari fail, were the players spoiled, etc. I frankly have none of those questions. I think what I learned this season is that when you expect too much of freshmen, you are bound to be disappointed. And if Calipari's coaching job was poor, what do we say about Bill Self?

    Anyway, I don't consider any of this post-season navel-gazing particularly useful. My take-away from this season was one that I should have grokked a long time ago. Now that I think I have, I'm not much worried what other people think.

  • John Clay says he'd be surprised, but not shocked if Calipari left. I'd say I fall into that same category. This season and last really took a toll on Calipari, more so than any other two year stretch since he's been here. Having said that, I don't think he's looking to leave.

  • Here's Rex Chapman talking to Dan Patrick in case you missed it.

  • Coach Cal thanks Kentucky fans.

  • Well, free throws were certainly part of the problem, but not all of it by any means.

    Another team coached by John Calipari was done in at that harmless strip of paint just 15 feet from the basket.

    Such a facile statement, and only tangentially true.

  • Yeah, we can pretty much expect these rumors for the rest of Calipari's tenure. Get used to it.

  • Coach Cal says the NCAA is like the former Soviet Union. He may be right, for all I know, but if he is, I wonder if what we wind up with will be better, or worse?

  • Willie Cauley-Stein hints at a return to Lexington. Don't listen. We hear this all the time right after the season ends, it's all emotion and no cognition. And I like this comment by former NCAA commish David Stern:

    "I don't think he bases the program on it," he said of Calipari. "He bases it on getting the best players. It's not the foundation. It's the result of getting the best players."


  • Reaction video from Campus Insiders:

  • Ira Combs on the end of the season, and what's next.

  • Runner-up Kentucky — already a thing of the past. Basically the same thing as I wrote here.

  • A rare positive Kentucky mention out of Boston.

  • Rex: "I'm not a journalist." Well, okay, then don't try to break news like one. I don't do that, for a very good reason. Rex still believes there is "something to [the rumor]," and for all I know, he's right. But it seems a long way from "someting to it" and "#DoneDeal," at least to me. Maybe my grasp of hashtags is just not quite up to snuff.

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