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Kentucky Football: Mason Wolfe Commits to Kentucky

Kentucky received its fourth offensive line commitment, and its sixth total commit for the 2015 class.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Mason Wolfe cares not a whit about your focus on tonight's national championship game. Wolfe committed to the University of Kentucky's football team while visiting campus today. Wolfe is considered by most services to be Kentucky's third best in-state recruit in the 2015 class. For the second recruiting cycle in a row, UK is a threat to take all of Kentucky's best in-state prospects.

Wolfe joins the ranks of three other offensive linemen who committed to UK over the weekend also while they were visiting. UK will probably still look to add at least one more interior offensive lineman (Luke Hiers is a probable candidate), but will probably look to sign a total of two more. Cincinnati's George Brown Jr. would be another offensive lineman UK would almost certainly add to the existing commits given his abilities.

By loading up early, UK will have the luxury of holding out for prospects they really like and may be in a dogfight with other schools over. Also of note, all of the commitments so far have listed weights and heights that dwarf the offensive line commits of the Joker and Rich Brooks eras. That's putting the "recruit"in #RecruitAndDevelop.

While Wolfe is listed as a tackle it's probably too soon to know if that is where he sticks. He's only a junior in high school, and he may or may not grow a few more inches in the next year. I also don't know if he has the longer wingspan that most tackles possess, or the pass blocking skills typical for that position. Long story short, the coaches may not know which position Wolfe is bound for at this point, and with an assumed redshirt season they have at least two years to figure it out. For whatever it's worth, Wolfe currently has measurables similar to guards UK has recruited the last two cycles.

It's not surprising UK is loading up on the offensive linemen in this class - specifically offensive tackles. Looking at the roster makes it obvious that there aren't a lot of players at the offensive tackle position. UK could shuffle linemen in a pinch, but that is not ideal as few linemen are versatile enough to be successful at both the guard and tackle positions.

Last season, UK only signed two players that currently project as offensive tackles in Josh Krok and Nick Richardson. There are currently only five offensive tackles on the roster and two will graduate after this season (Darrian Miller and Teven Eatmon-Nared). The year after next there will be two more seniors in Shaq Love and Jordan Swindle graduating. By adding six offensive linemen to this class, UK will have averaged four offensive linemen in Stoops' first three signing classes. Arguably, that's one less on average than is ideal. I suspect they will redshirt as many of these recruits as they can get away with, but depth issues will persist for at least two or three more seaons.