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Kentucky Wildcats: Alex Poythress Throws Down Da Dunk!

You know, this ridiculous play just hasn't gotten enough attention. We're too busy talking about the team and NCAA Tournament title. Let's talk about this freaking dunk.

Ladies and gentlemen of the Big Blue Nation, this dunk by Alex Poythress is among the filthiest I have ever seen in any game, anywhere. Heck, he made three other plays of stupendous athleticism almost as good, but this one deserves special highlighting.

There was talk earlier in the week about what a fine athlete Sam Dekker is, and no doubt he is a really good one. But I pointed out that Poyrhess was the best athlete on either team, and he not only proved me right about that, he proved it in absolutely spectacular fashion with this particular play, for which Dekkar happened to be on the wrong half of the poster.

If Alex Poythress ever figures out how good he really is, he is going to be an unbelievable player at this level and the next. Alex needs to concentrate on ballhandling and conditioning in the off season. The conditioning he has done has worked wonders for his confidence, and if he can become a confident ballhandler and move to his future position of small forward, there is going to be no stopping him. He has such remarkable athletic ability, he literally explodes off the floor like he's jumping off a mini-tramp or something.

Anyway, I just wanted to post this so you could enjoy the play that I don't think has received nearly enough attention. It's so darn beautiful I can watch it over and over, and the reaction on Jarrod Polson's face is absolutely priceless.