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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Washington Wizards Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Kentucky softball plays Louisville today. Kentucky women's tennis gets bid to NCAA Tournament. John Wall leads Wizards to series win over the Bulls. More.

Jonathan Daniel

John Wall led the Washington Wizards to a series victory over the Chicago Bulls last night, and advance to the second round of the playoffs for the first time since 2005.

Colin Cowherd, your office on line 1.

Tweet of the Morning

I just thought this was funny for some reason. And true.

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  • This is a troubling thought — Tony Donaghy alleges that the NBA is ordering officials to manipulate games, although he isn't exactly believable. I prefer not to believe it, but it could happen. The problem is, as with any conspiracy theory, is that competing interests and too many people knowing about it surely could not remain secret for long.

    Even more food for thought. Let's suppose that Donald Sterling had knowledge of such a conspiracy. The possibility for months of drama positively boggles the mind. I personally think it's really unlikely, though, we've heard about this sort of thing for years and nothing has come of it.

  • Donald Sterling was "banned for life" (actually suspended indefinitely) yesterday from the NBA, and fined 2.5 million dollars. Definitely appropriate under the circumstances, and well within the NBA's power and rules. What comes next, though, will be much more difficult if Sterling refuses to sell.

    Then there is this:

    So nobody seems to care that Magic Johnson is driving the Sterling Must Go bandwagon while privately angling to buy the team, as Yahoo Sports reported. That's one hell of a conflict of interest, but who will side with Donald Sterling against Magic Johnson?

    Nobody seems to care that the punishment may be legally unsound. But Sterling will. Sterling has always fought harder in courts than on the basketball court, and it will surprise nobody if his pitbull attorneys start biting Silver's ankles. The game is not over.

    This is a drama that could go on for a very long time, and Sterling is capable of dragging down several other owners with him, I suspect. The Magic Johnson angle also looks really bad, since he was the subject of one of the racist comments made by Sterling, and the ex-girlfriend who surreptitiously recorded the comments could have also been seen as baiting Sterling into them for personal gain. There are a lot of potential problems that a smart lawyer can exploit not only in the courtroom, but in the court of public opinion.

    The last thing the NBA wants is to face discovery in this matter, and the other owners are likely to get cold feet as soon as they figure this out. The fat lady isn't even in the building yet on this one, folks.

  • Kentucky Derby betting preview.

  • SEC Baseball players of the week.

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