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Kentucky Basketball: Kentucky Sports Radio Interviews Julius Randle

Julius Randle is clearly pretty happy at finally having put the NBA decision behind him. I find it interesting that Randle pointed out that his sort-of main foe while he was playing in AAU was Jabari Parker rather than Andrew Wiggins. He also mentioned that he figured out early in his senior season that he wanted to come to Kentucky, and he pretty much told Coach Cal that back then.

Randle also uses the "players first" appellation to describe the program, which I think is pretty cool, and he reiterated that he and the Harrison twins were always cool off the court, but were really competitive on the court. He assumed that is what created the notion that the Harrisons and he were rivals and didn't really like each other. I've heard this before, of course, but this time it was substantially more convincing.

I also love the fact that he takes the "student" part of "student-athlete" seriously.

Anyway, listen to all of Julius' comments to Matt Jones of KSR below. I think you'll find it worth your time.