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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: "Hurricane" Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet: Bat Cats lose game three of series with TAMU, win series 2-1. Softball wins series with Arkansas 2-1. Julius Randle to announce NBA Draft intentions tomorrow at 1:30 PM. More.

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Rubin "Hurricane" Carter
Rubin "Hurricane" Carter
Paul Kane

Rubin "Hurricane" Carter has passed away from prostate cancer. You may remember him, he was a former professional boxer wrongly imprisoned for 20 years, convicted of a murder he did not commit.  He was the subject of the Denzel Washington movie, "The Hurricane."  Rest in peace, Rubin.

Tweet of the Morning

I suspect we already know.

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
  • Damien Harris is now the top-ranked running back in high school football. I'd love to see him come to Kentucky, but ... Well, it helps that he's interested.

    Harris recently announced his top 10 schools, and Kentucky made that cut. The rest of that list reads like a who’s who of college football: Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Florida State, Michigan, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Southern Cal and Tennessee.

  • Game day info for the Blue/White scrimmage this weekend.

Kentucky basketball
  • John Wall thinks Calipari loves Kentucky too much to coach in the NBA. Via Aaron's blog.

  • Kenny Pyne visited 2015 top 15 player Jaylen Brown in-home on Easter Sunday.

  • John Calipari insists that "winning matters" when it comes to the NBA draft. I think it does, but it's just one of many factors that matter.

  • New Kentucky vs. Louisville book available. There have been an awful lot of rivalry-based shows, movies and books over the last few years.

  • The reason why Calipari remains an object of scorn is because of low-information scolds like the guy who wrote this. It is tragic that people will write tripe like this without informing themselves, all the while feeling superior in their abject ignorance. Consider:

    How about a rule that prevents pro teams from drafting players until after they graduate? No? Of course not. It's all about money and nothing else.

    "A rule that prevents pro teams ..." Well, sir, what kind of "rule" would that be, exactly, and who would enforce it? It would doubtless go something like this:

    • NCAA to NBA: You are forbidden from drafting our players! It's NCAA Rule 227.215-23/859.a.I(b)[2]!
    • NBA to NCAA: You can't stop us. Go pound sand.
    • NCAA to NBA: We'll sue!
    • NBA to NCAA: You have no cause of action, and your rule is not binding on us. Did you need a hammer? I have one right here ...
    • NCAA to NBA: F*** you!
    • NBA to college: Profanity is the last refuge of the ignorant.
  • Dear XN Sports: Just because John Calipari says he has "no idea" what the Harrison twins will do does not mean he is "out of the loop." I know this will come as a grim shock to you (it did to us as well), but Calipari doesn't always spill his guts to reporters. Sometimes, he actually dissimulates! Can you believe it? I'm not kidding, he sometimes doesn't disclose the personal deliberations between him and his players and their families. Shocking, I know.

  • An unnamed NBA scout (God knows, we can always trust "unnamed" sources to always be competent and reliable!) tells

    "It'd be good for both of them to go back next year," said the scout, who requested anonymity because he is not authorized to discuss draft prospects. "That's what I'd advise them to do. I don't think anybody is really high on them."

    I hope he's right, and I hope they do. I think it's in their best interests. But it doesn't matter what I think, it matters what they think.

Other Kentucky sports
College football
  • Spring game attendance numbers so far. We gotta get a respectable number on this board. Alabama = Amazing, but Penn St. and in-state rival Auburn are also making some noise. Tennessee had a very well-attended spring game.
College basketball
  • Bryan Burwell looks at the Missouri job, and comes to essentially the, only he blames the difficulty in this job on Athletics Director Mike Alden. Consider:

    The biggest difficulty of them all is current AD Mike Alden. Over the past few weeks, I’ve talked to a lot of folks in college coaching circles, and Alden ought to worry that he’s building a reputation as a man who can’t be entirely trusted. We already know that Mike Anderson didn’t trust him. Now it’s rather obvious that Haith didn’t either, and apparently with good reason.

    If this is true, it is a very bad thing for Mizzou. A reputation like that will interfere in the process at a very basic level.

Other sports news