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Kentucky Football: Focus On The Defensive Line

Parsing the latest release from Kentucky Wildcats TV


Despite two of last year's starting tackles graduating, the University of Kentucky's defensive line could be even better this coming season. This is largely due to the return of Alvin Dupree and Za'Darius Smith, but other players may provide promise. Below is a recent video released by Kentucky Wildcats TV that emphasizes the defensive line. Take a look. Below the video are some impressions.

Some things that stood out:

  • (0:16 second mark) The defensive line is beginning to look like a SEC defensive line, and Bud Dupree isn't even in this shot (in fact, I don't think I saw him in this video at all). UK defensive lines since 2000 have had their share of one or two guys that look like this, but not an entire unit. UK is starting to pass the "look test".
  • (0:22 second mark) Here's a shot of back-up defensive end Farrington Huguenin battling, I believe, starting offensive tackle Darrian Miller. Sounds like Miller got the better of him on this rep, but defensive line coach Jimmy Brumbaugh seems fairly pleased.
  • (0:40 second mark) There's a brief glimpse of redshirt freshman Jacob Hyde not in pads. The coaches haven't said much about Hyde in the last week or two. It's possible he's injured, but I doubt it's anything substantial or that probably would've been announced along with Nate Willis' hernia injury.
  • (0:53 second mark) This is more of the defensive line going one-on-one against the offensive line. This is a JUCO transfer Melvin Lewis who redshirted last fall. He looks almost all of his listed 6'4'' 310 pounds. Notably he carries his weight well and has an explosive first step.
  • Overall, looks like Brumbaugh is a "high energy" coach. The drills from the clip focused on the defensive line fundamental of using your arms to keep offensive linemen away from the body.
  • Hopefully UK continues to crank out these videos.

Any thoughts occur while you were watching it?