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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Good Friday Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Stoops and Brown talk about Whitlow's transfer. Calipari gives end of the season press talk. James Young declares for the NBA draft. Softball, baseball with big series beginning today. More.

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Horseracing and beer.  The Brits know how to celebrate Good Friday!
Horseracing and beer. The Brits know how to celebrate Good Friday!
Alan Crowhurst

Happy Good Friday to all!

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Your Quickies:

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College football
College basketball
  • Jabari Parker declares for the NBA Draft. Media criticism of Coach K coming in 3...2...1... Oh, wait, wut?

  • Pat Forde: Frank Haith leaving the SEC, and is the fourth African-American coach to leave the league for a lesser position.

    The fact that all of them are black could be a Southeastern coincidence more than a reflection on the Southeastern Conference. But it also raises questions – and could create a perception – about the work environment for a black coach in the South.

    So because these four guys all left underperforming teams under pressure, the SEC is racist. That's Forde's angle, all right. I think that's absurd. It isn't a "trend," it's a coincidence. And frankly, if Anthony Grant doesn't perform at Alabama, he could be yet another.

    Imagine the howls of outrage if the SEC winds up with all white basketball coaches. There will be pictures of pointy-hooded Klansmen on SEC articles from Forde and his ilk.

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