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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Jalen Whitlow Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Jalen Whitlow to transfer. Coach Cal to continue his book tour in the Bluegrass State. Mark Stoops praises new NCAA unlimited meals rule. More.

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Of course we all know by now that Jalen Whitlow will be transferring. We wish Jalen all the best wherever he decides to go, and much success.

Tweet of the Morning

I don't think this is anywhere near right. There are benefits to playing in college, no doubt about it. It's a nice transition between boyhood and manhood, rather than being thrown into the primordial fire of the NBA and the shock of dealing with all the man things like fast cars, women, and big-dollar finances without any preparation.

But those benefits are not usually the difference between an NBA career and playing in the NBA, at least, not for elite talent. Occasionally, we see players self-destruct out of college, so you know that out of high school, their odds are slightly worse.

SB Nation's Tom Ziller said it best:

Those other coaches -- the Boeheims of college ball -- believed their own bullshit, that the stars needed them. Wrong. The stars needed a year to camp out before entering the draft, and the Boeheims and Krzyzewskis and Selfs and Roys all beg for the privilege of being the host. Only Calipari acknowledges the power of the relationship lies with the players. That he moves on to next weekend while the others stay home is some sort of righteous cosmic justice.

That first sentence between the dashes could also read, "the Boeheims and Calhouns..." And honestly, just to be equal-opportunity here, neither Anthony Davis nor Julius Randle needed much John Calipari. But both were helped with the transition by their year at Kentucky, and that is worth something. But it isn't the difference between success and mediocrity, contra Gottlieb's Calhoun quote.

Your Quickies:

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  • Sports Illustrated ranks the best one-and-done seasons since the NBA Draft age limit was implimented in 2006-07, and Julius Randle is higher on that list than I would have expected. Of course, the tall, skinny guy playing down in New Orleans this year tops the list.

  • Frankly, picking Duke #1 next season with or without Parker is genuinely stupid. If the Harrisons also return for Kentucky along with Dakari Johnson and Marcus Lee, any rational person would have to pick Kentucky over Duke without Parker. With Parker, it's a much, much closer call. If you observe Davis' comments about incoming players, you'll see that this is dashed-off tripe with very little thought.

  • Mike DeCourcy says that the NCAA's draft deadline is an "affront to every college basketball player." Consider:

    The rule is so obviously an affront to the players who participate in college basketball that you’ll have a heck of a time finding a single coach who was in the room for those ACC meetings who’ll admit to a role in it. None wants to own it, because it’s so clearly self-serving. The rule’s very existence is equivalent to this statement: My program matters more than the young men it is designed to serve.

    But we know who was driving this train, don't we, ladies and gentlemen of the Big Blue Nation? Two fellow bluebloods in the ACC. I'll just leave it at that.

  • Bruins Nation takes a self-serving look at what rule changes would benefit them. Why would anyone do that? Win by the rules that are in place. Then this:

    Here's my prescription. While I'd welcome incremental change such as changing the draft-eligible age from 19 to 20, personally, I'd rather let anyone who graduates from high school enter the draft - its a free country.

    So if it's a free country, do those freedoms also extend to businesses like the NBA to determine their qualifications for entry via collective bargaining? And if the USA is so free, why are people under the age of 18 largely forbidden from working in a lot of industries, and under a lot of conditions that adults are allowed to work under? Not so free after all, eh?

  • The Tar Heel Blog defends UNC's honor from what they see as a crusading reporter. Jerry Tipton, your office on line 1.

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