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NCAA Approves Unlimited Meals For College Athletes

A pet issue of Calipari's is brought to fruition.

Cal applauds the decision
Cal applauds the decision
Andy Lyons

The collective roar you heard early today was our country's offensive linemen rejoicing at the breaking news that the NCAA will begin allowing schools to provide unlimited meals to student-athletes. This reform is one that the University of Kentucky's head basketball coach John Calipari has championed for quite a while now. Over two years ago, Calipari plainly stated the silliness of this rule on his website (via @ASmithRivals). I'm sure he'll find time to talk about this reform as he continues his media blitz in the promotion of his new book.

The case is pretty simple: college athletes burn calories at a rate that exceeds what they consume in three standard meals a day. Not only do they exercise far more than the general population, but they meanwhile are gifted with the metabolism of youth. While Shabazz Napier caused some controversy with his comments about players going to bed "starving", there were probably some nights during the season he may well have done so. Two months ago Oklahoma had to self-report a NCAA violation for feeding their players too much pasta. All of this madness led to The Daily Show making the best case against the inanity of this rule in its trademark succinctness:

The discussion at this point could probably turn to the possibility this reform will be a harbinger for even further reform. But first, priorities: UK Athletics needs to hire a celebrity chef to provide unlimited meals and snacks to the student-athletes.

So, which one? Do we want the raw pathos of Gordon Ramsey? Should UK hire Anthony Bourdain purely for entertainment purposes? Or should we just go with a cooking talent comparable to Dan Issel's basketball talent, and open up the bank account for René Redzepi?

Presumably the athletes would have less sophisticated tastes.