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Kentucky Basketball: Like Sands Through the Hourglass, These are the Days of Our Coach

John Calipari shoots down the Lakers rumor in flames on ESPN today.

Jamie Squire

Comes now Lakers Nation to report that John Calipari has so little interest in the Los Angeles Lakers head coaching position, he wouldn't take it if offered:

On Tuesday, Calipari continued to deny any connection with the Lakers or job offer that might be in the works. Calipari said the following on ESPN’s First Take with Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless according to Marc Stein:

For those of you looking for some kind of assurance that John Calipari is not running off to coach the Black Mamaba, Jodie Meeks, Steve Nash and Pau Gasol, now you have it.

Of course, the New York Knick rumors persist, as do... well, you know the drill. There will always be Calipari rumors as long as he's coach at Kentucky, and I think most of us have gotten used to it by now, although it's never really comfortable watching as people write 600-word expositions on why Calipari will be leaving for the NBA flavor of the month.

One day, folks, it's going to be true. Just as death and taxes are inevitable, it is inevitable that Calipari will eventually move on from Kentucky to whatever life holds for him next, be it retirement, an NBA position, or Commissar of the New NCAA. Whatever it means, we have to realize that one day, hopefully in the far distant future, it will become true.

This just popped up on my Twitter timeline, and since I'm writing about Coach Cal, this is as good a place as any for it:

I guess that hip replacement will just have to wait a while.