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Kentucky Basketball: Willie Cauley-Stein News Coming?

A not so subtle tweet from KSR's Ryan Lemond indicates as much.

Tom Pennington

So what can this mean?

Willie coming back for his junior season? Hard to imagine he would throw something out there not pertaining to his future at UK but we shall see.

Willie is a different kind of player from the usual gung-ho, can't-wait-to-get-to-the-NBA Kentucky player. He is a bit of a throwback, a free spirit and a guy who, quite frankly, is just learning how to play basketball. He concentrated more on football when he was in high school, which tells you he's not as in love with the whole NBA thing as most players that Kentucky recruits.

Cauley-Stein has an "artsy" side, and we often see people like that be rather unconventional in their views and in their priorities. That could possibly play into any decision to do... well, anything. WCS has barely begun to scratch the surface of his talent, and he is a very smart kid; that fact is not lost on him.

So don't be surprised if the goes, or if he stays. But if he stays, you should probably be less surprised than if Andrew and Aaron Harrison go.