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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Bag Men Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Mark Stoops to sign Maker's Mark bottles at Keenland today. Rod Strickland leaving for USF with Orlando Antigua. Bat Cats battle Missouri this weekend, starting tonight. More.

SB Nation

This article by Steven Godfrey is well worth your time to read it, and it is definitely a full cup of coffee in terms of time commitment. It tells the tale of how the $500 handshake is still alive and well in SEC football, and is essentially "NCAA proof."

You want to pay players? It won't matter. Never has, never will. They've been getting paid all along.

Tweets of the Morning

This is the kind of enthusiasm we need for Kentucky football!

There's a lot more of this defense on Peter Vecsey's timeline. You should check it out.

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
Kentucky basketball
  • Karl-Anthony Towns Jr.'s senior Year mix tape. That kid has game.

  • Trey Lyles named to the Indiana State All-Star team.

  • Evan Daniels talks next season's incoming Kentucky class with Campus Insiders.

  • I missed this Forbes piece by Monte Burke when it came out, and that's too bad. It looks at the good and bad of John Calipari, and for once, the writer gets his facts mostly right, although he overlooks the NCAA exoneration of Calipari in the UMass case and implies that he ran away from both jobs after the trouble came down. But to his credit, he does not say that outright.

    Compare this piece to what John Feinstein wrote about Calipari to Burke's article, and tell me who really took the time to do his research. It wasn't the famous Feinstein. I guess he feels like research is only for the little people. Hat tip: Bomani Jones

  • Happy belated birthday, Nerlens Noel.

  • Just like every other year since Calipari came here, a Knicks rumor. Calipari is always "intrigued" in these rumors, but never interested.

  • I like the idea, but I think that the NCAA will not want NBA money in college basketball:

    According to ESPN, Silver said he wants the NBA to raise the age limit for draft eligibility from 19 to 20. In return, he said he wants the league to cover expenses for student-athletes not covered by the cost of admission.

    Honestly, I think colleges or the NCAA should pick that up, and it would require a significant rules change to let the NBA get involved in any way. It also seems to me that the NBA would want something more back for that investment, i.e. agent access. That's the only way the agents are ever going to get on board with this, and I seriously doubt the NCAA would allow that quid pro quo.

    This just goes to further my contention that the NBA is not interested in investing in an expansive development league because they think they already have one that doesn't cost them a dime.

  • Speaking of the NCAA, they are talking rules changes, and hopefully, some good ones. Here are some of the changes being considered:

    Reducing the number of timeouts allotted to each team in a game; widening the lane; limiting a coach’s ability to call a timeout in a live ball situation; allowing 10 seconds total in a backcourt situation rather than a new 10 seconds after an out of bounds play; reducing the shot clock; considering the NBA continuation; eliminating the de facto timeout that ensues after a player fouls out; and not allowing a player to score when a charge has been called.

    I think a 30-second shot clock is a good idea, and ten seconds total in the back court doesn't sound too bad.

  • Mike Rutherford tries to rank the Wildcats properly in the top 25, then admits failure throws up his hands and settles for #6. I feel for him. Depending on who stays, Kentucky could be ranked anywhere from one to fifteen, legitimately. But I do believe they will be a top fifteen club no matter what. I do think seven is a little high for Florida, I would have put them around ten.

    Also this:

    The Russ Smith era in Louisville is over, and Rick Pitino is about to deal with as much player turnover as he's faced since arriving at U of L 13 years ago. But Pitino himself isn't going anywhere, and that alone is about enough to justify a top 10 ranking for the Cardinals here.

    Not sure I'd rank the post-Russ Cardinals in the top fifteen, let alone top ten. I guess I can see a ranking on the higher end of that scale if Harrell returns, but I'm skeptical of their front line and scoring overall.

  • Argh! We not only lost Orlando Antigua, but he's dragging Rod Strickland with him.

  • If the Harrison twins leave, Kentucky will be very thin in the back court next season. KSR looks a where they might look for some help.

  • Insider Louisville's Mark Coomes says Kentucky has become a "stepping-stone" job. I think that's a silly claim. Tubby Smith didn't exactly use it as a stepping stone, nor did Joe Hall or even Rick Pitino. Calipari hasn't gone anywhere yet, despite multiple reported opportunities.

    Every job can be a stepping stone at times, but for coaches dedicated to the college game, Kentucky is undoubtedly a destination. The only "up" from here is the NBA. If that makes us a stepping stone by some perverse definition, I'll take it.

  • Everybody seems to bet the Harrison twins are leaving. I'm not so sanguine.

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