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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Craig Naivar Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Craig Naivar is the new special teams coordinator for Kentucky football. Baseball, softball, and gymnastics all in action this weekend, along with men's and women's basketball. More.

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Craig Naivar is the new special teams coordinator for Kentucky, replacing Bradley Dale Peveto. I'm excited by this guy, even if his credentials are not as impressive as Peveto. I like having coaches with something to prove.

Tweet of the Morning

Hey, we all are, Megan. How could you not be obsessed by a program so successful?

Your Quickies:

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  • The recent slump has hurt Kentucky's NCAA Tournament seeding. Well, duh, that kind of comes along with the whole concept of a "slump." The writer is completely correct that if UK is going to challenge for their 9th national title, they're going to have to win it the hard way.

  • Rex Chapman has a new website.

  • This week, the iPhone's Siri is a UK basketball fan. But not in a very positive way...

  • Florida is savvy, and lucky, according to Jerry Tipton:

    Good fortune also helps. The Gators could have — maybe should have — lost at home to lowly Auburn. But with the game tied inside the final 30 seconds, Auburn inexplicably fouled Young, who made both free throws, and then threw away the inbounds (and the last chance to win).

    "That shows you how tough it is to go undefeated," Fogler said of Florida's escape. "Florida got lucky."

    Yeah, well, every good team gets lucky, probably more because they're good than anything else.

  • Tickets to the Kentucky at Florida game are rather pricey on the secondary market.

  • How many roster spots are available for 2014-15? Well, if we figure three leaving early and two graduating, that leaves five. If, say, James Young decides to stay, you're still sitting pretty.

  • Calipari says he sees one thing, observers see another. Well, I'd rather take Coach Cal's word. He's the one coaching them.

  • Here's one in your eye, Pat Forde, from you old newspaper. Forde's article of the other day essentially accused Calipari of dismissing Harrow from the team. Consider:

    He met with Calipari after the season. Yes, star freshmen Andrew and Aaron Harrison were on the way, but Harrow said Calipari never asked him to transfer. He simply told him to make the best decision for himself and his family.

    That decision was easy. Harrow wanted to be near his father. He transferred to Georgia State, and in July the NCAA granted him a family hardship waiver, allowing him to play for the Panthers immediately.

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