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Alabama at Kentucky: Second Half Live Thread

After shooting 24% from the field, the Wildcats are only down three points at half.

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

The Kentucky Wildcats continue to struggle offensively. They just don't seem to know what to do out there, and if they don't know by now, I don't see how they are going to figure it out in the next two games.

There were some good things about this half, but they were all on defense. Kentucky continues to shoot the ball abysmally from everywhere. That simply cannot continue if the Wildcats are to do anything at all in the end of the season.


24% shooting makes it really hard to win games. I have no idea how Kentucky is within 3 points in this game, but I am thankful. Alabama is shooting the ball typically well, but abnormally well from three, and the Wildcats have to do a better job guarding the arc.

Kentucky right now is making a living from the line, pretty much as they have all season. I am completely flabbergasted at their continued poor shooting, which absolutely has to end eventually — they are much better than this. Even though they have put up a lot of threes, most of them have been good looks (and one of them was waved off when it shouldn't have been).

I really don't feel that upset about the first half, though. What I want to see is Kentucky penetrate more and kick out to shooters. They have done that only once or twice, and they have to do it better. Also the big people have to make themselves available at the foul line against the zone. You have to get the ball into the middle against the zone, and the Wildcats haven't done that so far.

Let's hope for a better second half. I predicted this would be a tough game, and it is. Let's just win it and not worry about how tough it is.