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Wildcat Chatter: Post-Cat-Tastrophe Episode

Once again, Alex, Will and Glenn get together to talk Kentucky sports following the Arkansas and South Carolina games.

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, the Wildcat Chatters from A Sea of Blue got together for a round-table discussion about the current state of affairs surrounding the Kentucky Wildcats basketball team. This is our first effort with an ad-hoc kind of a format where we all just chime in on whatever strikes us. We decided to give this a try just to see if it was more interesting and lest formal than the Q&A format we've been using up until now. Obviously, we haven't practiced this, so there's an awkward pause or two. This is really just an off-the-cuff discussion without any particular agenda.

Content-wise, we talk about:

  • The problems with Kentucky's offense;
  • Zone versus man-to-man;
  • Transition offense and defense;
  • John Calipari and what he's doing right, and wrong, in our collective opinion;
  • Concerns about where the team is going;
  • Team passing;
  • Possibilities for NCAA seeding;
  • Next year's team and how it might be different;

Plus lots more. We hope you enjoy this episode, and we're really trying to get on a regular schedule after some injuries to the team, interference from bad weather, and etcetera.

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