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The Road to Music City - Part D'eux - Game Preview and Thread

Fresh off their 106-60 blow out of Wright State Saturday, the Wildcats are prepping to take on the big Orange (no, not that one, the one where it gets really cold!)

Janee Thompson: 67 inches of FEARLESS
Janee Thompson: 67 inches of FEARLESS

CATS vs. 'CUSE! Yes, we'd all thought we see that headline eventually but to be fair, I didn't see it being batted around much when talking UK Hoops. (It's been one of THOSE seasons!)

It has been a terrific weekend to be a Wildcat! The BatCats beat #1 South Carolina, Men's Tennis beat UT, UK Hoops annihilated Wright State, and oh yes, there was some buzzing noise about a win in St. Louis. But now let's focus on our next task in the Road to Music City - the Wildcats take on Syracuse at Memorial Monday night! How will our women get this done and move on to the next step in their journey?

  • Ball control: I'd be remiss in not thanking CaptCatFan for pointing out just how effective our ball movement was on Saturday. Yes, we had 22 turnovers - 2 in the first minute - to Wright State's 13, but just trust me, we moved the ball well. There were very few lazy passes taking place in Memorial.
  • Balanced Offense: The Cats shot 68% (!!!) in the second half from the field, and were 55% for the full 40 minutes. We also shot 50% from three point range. 7 players were in double digits, and Jennifer O'Neill had 21 points to add to her career total at UK.
  • Tenacious Defense: We didn't just win the rebound battle, we went all Return to Sparta on that stat: Anytime you have more rebounds than the other guy has points? You're going to have a darned fine day.

Syracuse may be taking the court without their best player, which is never fun to type. Brittney Sykes went down with some sort of unconfirmed knee injury during the Chattanooga game, and we wish her the very best in recovering. That said, we've all seen how some times these situations inspire teammates to outperform so UK needs to be prepared for Syracuse to come out on a mission. Sykes or no, Syracuse is DEFINITELY going to try and frustrate the Cats with their 2-3 zone defense.

Tickets are still available so if you can, join the BBN at Memorial tomorrow at 6:40 PM EDT. If you can't, please join us here at ASoB. Game will be on ESPN2, and also available on ESPN3.

Happy Dancing, Cat fans!