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Kentucky 31, Wichita State 37: Second Half Game Thread

Turnovers by Kentucky have enabled the Shockers to get out to a six point lead at the half.

The Wichita State shockers take a six point lead into the half over the Kentucky Wildcats, and the story of that half was all about turnovers by Kentucky leading to transition baskets by the Shockers. If Kentucky continues to be loose with the basketball, they will have no reasonable chance to win this game. They have to fix that immediately.

First half stats

The other thing Kentucky is struggling to do guard the pick and roll. This is fundamental basketball that you cannot wait to learn in the 8-1 game when you are the 8 seed. You really have to guard better than that. Kentucky has failed to guard the rim well, and as a result, Wichita State has made a lot of layups. That cannot continue is Kentucky is going to win.

Kentucky's adjustment this half has to be to take the ball to the rim more. Right now, the Wildcats are not getting enough dribble penetration, and because of that, they are easy to guard. If we can get more drives to the rim with an eye on kicking the ball back out for another drive, Wichita State may find themselves in foul trouble. But as long as Kentucky keeps standing around on the perimeter and not attacking the lane, they are going to have to make long jumpshots to win, and that's not something that the Wildcats can count as a strength, even though they've made a fair percentage today.

Go, 'Cats!