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Welcome "Jords" To the A Sea of Blue Front Page

A Sea of Blue has a new front page author helping us cover Kentucky women's sports as well as everything else Wildcat.

It is once again my pleasure to introduce a new writer to the Big Blue Nation. Jords is now joining us on the front page, and she will be helping me cover women's sports at A Sea of Blue, particularly women's basketball and softball. Jords has long been active with us, and she has an entertaining style as well as the kind of positive but uncompromising perspective that helps make A Sea of Blue a great place to talk about all things Wildcat.

You'll get a quick introduction, because she is covering the Hoops Senior Day today, and her first article will be up momentarily in the form of the open thread for today's game. She also has an outstanding post here about the softball team.

So please join me in welcoming Jords to the front page. She's going to be another tremendous addition to A Sea of Blue, and I'm very happy to turn her lose, and let her enhance our coverage of Kentucky even more than she already has.

Welcome, Jords! It's great to have you with us.