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NCAA Tournament Selection Sunday: Open Thread

Talk about the NCAA Tournament selections here.

J. Meric

This is your open thread for NCAA Selection Sunday. This is where we find out when, where, and against whom the Kentucky Wildcats will be playing in the NCAA Tournament. This has become a March rite of passage, and although I find it to be vastly overrated, here we are again.

The big question for Kentucky really isn't where they will be seeded, but what the rest of their road to the Final Four will look like. This is perhaps the only time I can remember where I am truly seed-ambivalent. If Kentucky winds up with a 9 seed, I won't be offended. These Wildcats have earned a lower seed in the tournament, and to me, how low is irrelevant. They must prove themselves by facing good teams early, and I don't really care how early that is.

Kentucky's loss to the Florida Gators a few minutes ago probably means nothing to their seeding, as I don't believe the NCAA Selection Committee's recent assertion that the conference tournament results on Sunday do matter to seeding. If so, it is a very recent development, and my feeling is that unless it is something momentous, it isn't really considered.

So we'll see where things wind up in a few minutes. Good luck to all, especially the SEC bubble teams.

Go, 'Cats!