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Kentucky 30, Florida 40: Second Half Live Game Thread

Kentucky's offense was not efficient in the first half.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Well, this is exactly what concerned me. The Kentucky Wildcats have not done enough of the things I pointed out that they must do in the game — take care of the ball, dominate the glass, and make free throws. The Florida Gators shot lights-out from three, and Kentucky couldn't throw it in the ocean from outside the arc. How Kentucky is only down ten points after the first half is a mystery to me, but at least the Wildcats are still in the basketball game — barely.

This is pretty much a return to the old Kentucky, looking confused on offense, inept on defense and unable to dominate the boards when they have an opportunity. Florida has made a bunch of errors with fouls and turnovers, as well as missing some free throws, that have allowed Kentucky to stay in touch.

First half stats

What stands out to me is that Florida has already made six 3-point field goals, and Kentucky hasn't made a single one. To Kentucky's credit, their defense around the rim has been stellar, but they simply can't stop Michael Frazier II or Scottie Wilbekin on the perimeter. If the Gators continue to shoot like this in the second half, we're just going to have to congratulate them and take our medicine.

Kentucky must get some pressure on Florida's shooters this half, avoid fouls, and find a way to get and make some open 3-point shots. We also need to see much better rebounding out of Kentucky in the second half. Right now, Florida is outrebounding the Wildcats, turning them over, and making shots.

If UK wants this, they'd better get something going.

Go, 'Cats!