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Kentucky 36 vs. Georgia 32: Second Half Game Thread

Kentucky started well, but foul trouble took them out of their rhythm.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the Kentucky Wildcats started off like gangbusters against the Georgia Bulldogs, then found a way to lose their newfound composure. Despite that, they managed a small lead at the half, which is vastly superior to a deficit of any size. Foul trouble forced Kentucky out of their normal rotation, and considering that Marcus Lee and Jarrod Polson were forced into major minutes, we should not be too disappointed in the small lead.

First half stats

I find it interesting that the minute James Young picked up his second foul, the ball started to stick in Andrew Harrison's hands. I have no idea what caused that, but there is no doubt that Young demands a lot more attention that Polson. But what is also annoying is that this team doesn't seem to trust its backups, because the Harrisons flat refused to pass the ball to Dominique Hawkins, and they wound up with some really bad shots. Kentucky has also quit moving without the ball, something that Young really brings to the table. Alex Poythress is just snakebit for this tournament, as all he seems to do is foul.

Free throws are also a major problem, but they did start getting better later in the half. Hopefully, Kentucky can do a better job in the second half of making unguarded 15 footers and layups, because I don't know how many of both that UK missed in the first half.

We need a better second half. I can live with the first stanza because of foul trouble, but the ball needs to move more in the second.

Go, 'Cats!