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SEC Tournament: Evening Session Open Game Thread

Well, this one's where we find out who the Wildcats play tomorrow.

Andy Lyons

Tonight, the Alabama Crimson Tide take on the LSU Tigers in the first game of the Thursday evening session of the SEC Tournament, with the winner moving on to face the #2 seed Kentucky Wildcats. After that, the Mississippi St. Bulldogs and Mississippi Rebels go at it for the honor of taking on the #3 seed Georgia Bulldogs.

I really don't have a dog in either of these fights. LSU, presumably, is the tougher of the two for the Wildcats, having soundly beaten Kentucky down in Baton Rouge and falling to a last-second putback in overtime at Rupp Arena. My feeling is that if Kentucky isn't ready to beat either team right now, they probably won't have much of a shot in the Big Dance. If I'm going to be disappointed further this season, I'd rather get it over with.

Having said that, I am hopeful that Kentucky will finally find a modicum of their potential somewhere on the floor of the Joe Craft center. If not, well, I've pretty much found my happy place, such as it is without a successful Kentucky season. It's a bit chilly and in the winter, but it isn't abject depression, either. The seasons pass. Hope springs eternal.

Instead of hope, we have the "tweak." I guess I can live with that. Enjoy the games, comment on them here.

Go, 'Cats