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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: NFL Free Agency Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Kentucky softball defeats Marshall on the road. Kentucky baseball drops a game to the Indiana Hoosiers. "Tweak" talk continues. More.

Rob Foldy

SB Nation has your NFL free agency information and analysis. There are a bunch of resources for NFL Fans in there.

Tweet of the Morning

We don't have any KFC's that look like that around here ...

Your Quickies:

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Kentucky basketball
  • Kentucky has the most to gain in the SEC Tournament, according to Dana O'Neil. I think that's right. Also this:

    But nothing cures the November-December-January-February blues quite like a good month of March. Kentucky is one good run from becoming a very dangerous team, and a hot start at the SEC tournament could be the spark.

    We have been saying this all year, though. The reality is, that one good run may never show up. Then again...

  • "Tweak" still a mystery, but the players confirm that it has helped. Julius Randle is having no part of leaking what it is, though. This is high praise from any player:

    "The thing about Cal is he’s going to admit when he’s wrong," Willie Cauley-Stein said. "If he’s wrong about something he’s going to say he’s wrong and he’s going to fix it. That’s just being a man. When you get to that point when you know you’re wrong and you can admit it, that’s powerful. You get a rally from your team after that."

  • David Schuh of the Kentucky Kernel takes four humorous stabs at what the "tweak" is. If it doesn't work, will this team be known as the "Untweakables?"

  • Calipari suggests his pain medication might have inhibited his thinking:

    On if he’s made a change this late in the season before: "Usually it was earlier, ’cause I caught it earlier. I really – I think it was the drugs I was taking for a while that got me where I wasn’t thinking right. But normally I would catch it and try something earlier, because this isn’t the first time I’ve tweaked it this way. But we will see."

    Pain medication other than ibuprofen does not seem to help me, so I generally won't use it even if prescribed. All it does is make me sleepy and stupid, so I wouldn't be quick to scoff at Calipari's remark. I guess if I broke a hip or something and they had to pump me so full of morphine I didn't care about the pain, that would probably work.

  • Julius Randle was also named to US Basketball Writers Association All District IV basketball team.

  • John Calipari's pre-SEC Tournament press availability:


  • Why does John Calipari continue to impugn everybody else's knowledge of basketball? Must be because so many reporters impugn his coaching ability.

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