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Kentucky Wildcats at South Carolina Gamecocks: Live Game Thread

It's the Wildcats and the Gamecocks in Columbia tonight.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

It's time to head down to the Palmetto State to play the South Carolina Gamecocks. South Carolina is not a very good team this season, and if you were going to pick an opponent to play on the road 48 hours after a disappointing home loss, you would pick the Gamecocks.

Kentucky has a bit of a chance to get well here, although they cannot go in and play casually, because South Carolina possesses the best 3-point shooting percentage in the SEC and has upset some slightly better teams in league play.

Essentials for a Kentucky victory

  • Guard the 3-point line — This is really important unless the Wildcats want to find themselves in a cockfight.

  • Attack the rim, but lose the wild shots and lobs — Kentucky wandered into the twilight zone against the Arkansas Razorbacks this way.

  • Pass the ball — Kentucky still over-dribbles. They must learn to make short, quick passes and move to spots, not just hang around.

  • Rebound — Kentucky wins games by extending possession. They can't surrender on this point.

  • Make free throws — Just make them.

I have no idea what to expect after the debacle on Thursday. Let's just hope whatever the infection was that was causing Kentucky to miss layups and fling "shots" and "lobs" at the rim has run its course.

Go, 'Cats!