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Get to know your 2014 Kentucky Football Signees - Dorian Baker

Yet another receiver with some size. We need those.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

By Will Marshall and Hank Rippetoe

Dorian Baker WR

Cleveland Heights High School

Cleveland, OH

Baker is a 6’3’’ 210 pound receiver who was rated as the 16th best player in Ohio last year. UK’s most serious competition for his services came from middle and lower tier B1G Ten schools. Nonetheless, Baker shows a lot of promise, and he is my dark horse for the most important prospect in this class two to three years from now. For a receiver of his height, he has tremendous speed. Watching his highlight tape also shows an eagerness to be physical.

Baker is an important recruit because, like Blake Bone, UK needed to sign tall wide receivers in this class. Unlike Bone, Baker already has solid muscle mass for his frame, and should be able to contribute as a freshman if can quickly pick-up technique and fundamentals. I’m very excited about Baker’s commitment, and look forward to see what he is capable of in the future after he’s exposed to college-level coaching, strength and condition, and nutritional programs.