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Mississippi Rebels at Kentucky Wildcats: Live Game Thread

Tonight, the Ole Miss Rebels brave the nasty winter blast to challenge the Wildcats.

Andy Lyons

Tonight, in the middle of a winter storm, the Mississippi Rebels roll into Rupp Arena to try to take the momentum away from the Kentucky Wildcats after their recent win over the Missouri Tigers in Colulmbia. You can find the game particulars, including all the media information, at You can also see the Ole Miss point of view at Red Cup Rebellion.

If the Missouri win was a step in the right direction, this game is tantamount to the ability to taking the second step. Mississippi is a competent team entirely capable of pulling the upset, and has sufficient shooting to be able to derail Kentucky nascent march even in the comfy confines of Rupp. Kentucky must respect their opponent and take care of the little things to win.

Essentials for victory

  • Attack the rim — You see this in almost every one of my game threads, and that's because it's so easy to fall in love with the three. We've seen it happen before, even though it may have never cost the Wildcats a win. It could.

  • Win the rebound battle — Mississippi is a so-so rebounding team, and Kentucky is in the top five in the nation, although they haven't been as good in conference. That's a reason to be concerned.

  • Take care of the basketball — Ole miss has quick hands, and is 2nd in steals in the SEC.

  • Get back in transition — No exposition necessary, we've talked a lot about this.

  • Be patient — When this Kentucky team takes quick shots, they tend to give up runouts.

This is another game that will help Kentucky solidify their position in the SEC, and it's an excellent test after a difficult road swing — technically not to tough, but at the same time, by no means a gimme. Kentucky will need a solid game to win over the Rebels, and if Mississippi gets hot, they may need even better than that.

Go, 'Cats!