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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Court-Storming Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Kentucky loses in overtime to Arkansas. UK Hoops wins in overtime at Mississippi St. Baseball, softball host multiple games in Lexington this weekend. More.

Rich Barnes

Once again, storming the court is in the news, and this time, there was a brawl. This is inevitable, and I repeat, we should stop or greatly modify court-storming before we are forced to do so because of a tragedy.

Tweet of the Morning

Yeah, well, you're not supposed to miss free throws.

Your Quickies:

Kentucky basketball
  • It's fitting that after a bad loss, we talk about recruiting for 2015. Ben Roberts has a run-down of Calipari's 2015 targets, and they are all good ones. My personal favorite is Luke Kennard.

  • Calipari says that his career will be extended if they go to the 2-year rule in the NBA. I'm not sure what he means by that.

  • This description is exactly why Kentucky fails:

    Down the stretch of regulation, with 33 seconds left and Kentucky ahead by a basket, Andrew penetrated deep against the Arkansas defense and positioned himself for an easy floater. The baseline defenders held back, did not react to his entry, but he tried anyway to force a lob pass over them that Randle could not handle. Arkansas tied it with a couple free throws and forced overtime, wherein Andrew and Young each committed a turnover and, with UK down four, Aaron forced a wild long-range jumper that had little chance of connecting. It did not.

    I have nothing to add to that.

  • Who's in charge of substitutions, John Clay wonders:

    "He played too many minutes," the coach said. "I’m trying to get guys to sub themselves. They just don’t get it. The longer you’re in there, you’re not going to play better, you’re going to play worse. If you’re in there for numbers, you end up missing free throws, missing shots, not getting the key rebounds. You don’t look good. You don’t only hurt yourself, you hurt your team.

    "Less minutes. Sub yourself. Get yourself out of games. Wasn’t just him. We had a couple guys that tried to play too many minutes."

    Question: Doesn’t the coach usually make substitutions? Isn’t that a duty the coach is paid to perform? Can’t a coach see that a player is dragging and sub in a reserve to give the tired player a rest?

    Excellent question. Maybe Calipari and his assistants should, you know, do more coach things like figure out who needs a rest and sit them.

  • Mark Story doubts the light will go on for this team at all. Maybe he's right, but what are we supposed to do, quit watching and give up? Sometimes, these sportswriters kill me.

  • Guy Ramsey's right. Kentucky has no time to wallow in misery. I think that's a good thing. Get back on the horse.

  • UK 2015 recruit Luke Kennard's dad says that Charles Matthews' commitment will not alter Luke's decision.

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