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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Eric Bledsoe Return Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Bat Cats' A.J. Reed makes history against St. Joes. Gym Cats set season high mark in loss at Arkansas. Men's basketball faces LSU today. More.

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Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sport

Eric Bledsoe is apparently prepared to make a return to the Phoenix Suns in about a week, if things continue to go well.

Tweet of the Morning

Ugh. Team USA really stank against Finland.

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
Kentucky basketball
Other Kentucky sports
College football
College basketball

Coaching matters, and many of the SEC's basketball coaches have more question marks than those in football. Which raises the question: What if SEC basketball hired coaches the way SEC football does?

That may never happen because hiring away elite coaches is difficult enough as it is, much less coming to the SEC to be second banana behind football. Lower fan expectations in basketball can cause less pressure on an athletics director to make the correct hire, even if it means shelling out more dollars.

Other sports news
  • NFL to "penalize" N-word. I agree with the author that the NFL should establish a clear set of workplace procedures covering their entire organization, and including racial and ethnic slurs of all types, including procedures as to what constitutes a slur and an appeals process. Anytime you purport to put verbal utterances off-limits, you need to carefully define what, when, and where it is a violation and the proper procedures to address the violation in each circumstance, if they must differ (i.e. during a game vs. in the locker room).

    Most workplaces put abusive language of all types, including foul language, off limits while in the workplace or acting in an official capacity. There must be thousands of good models to use for this, and to just randomly place one word off limits is liable to create as many problems as it solves.

  • This is a very sad story. Burkes parents were amazing discussing her demise, and this is just another reminder (as if we should need it) that the appellation "extreme" when applied to sports like the half-pipe is there for a reason. These sports have a significant danger factor, just like downhill skiing and other high-speed winter sports.