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Super Bowl XLVIII: Open Game Thread

Talk about the 2014 Super Bowl with the rest of your friends at A Sea of Blue.

Peyton Manning and Jacob Tamme
Peyton Manning and Jacob Tamme
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to Super Bowl 48, and this is your official A Sea of Blue Open Game Thread for one of the greatest annual spectacles in sport. I am not a big fan of professional football these days more from an already full sports life than anything else, but even my wife, who isn't a football fan at all, would not miss the Super Bowl. She considers it un-American to miss the Super Bowl, and I concur.

Tonight, we have not one, but three reasons to root for the Denver Broncos (that is, of course, unless you are a Seattle Seahawks fan, in which case this should be meaningless to your rooting interests):

  • Jacob Tamme, University of Kentucky class of 2008;
  • Wesley Woodyard, University of Kentucky class of 2008;
  • Danny Trevathan, University of Kentucky class of 2012.

So I'll be pulling for the former Wildcats, former Tennessee Volunteer Peyton Manning, and the Denver Broncos.

Talk about the game in here if you like. Tonight, we'll be having our traditional party that includes only Petra and I along with finger food, some cold beer and the Super Bowl.