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Kentucky at Ole Miss: Second Half Live Thread

Let's have another one of these, please!

Andy Lyons

Well, that half was different. I have no idea where any of this came from — the blizzard of dunks, the defensive intensity ... the ridiculous turnovers. Ah, there's a dark cloud in every silver lining.

But the good news is that Kentucky parlayed all that offensive and defensive intensity into a significant, but not insurmountable, halftime lead. Heaven knows, I'm as pleased as anyone is with the margin, but at the same time, the turnovers are driving me a little crazy. Ten turnovers??

Here are the halftime stats, for some reason, we didn't get the usual tweet from There's a lot of good there to offset the... oh, forget it.

Anyway, I like this Kentucky team, turnovers and all. If we can continue to play with this kind of defensive and rebounding effort, not to mention the not-that-unusual offensive fire power, I like our chances in the second half.

Second verse, same as the first? That would be nice.

Go. 'Cats!