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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Rick Pitino Says You're All Losers Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Kentucky Wildcats surprisingly positive after Florida loss at home. Jennifer O'Neill honored by SEC. Rajon Rondo trade rumors. More.

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Yeah, Rick Pitino stepped into it yesterday, saying that people who use social media and the Internet a lot are essentially losers. I'll just leave this right here:

Tweet of the Morning


Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
  • Consider this:

    UK signed 11 players from the Buckeye state, including five four-star recruits and 10 players ranked in the top 40 in the state by Rivals. That ties the number of top-40 Ohio signees UK signed in the 10 previous years before Stoops was hired.

    No Big Ten school aside from Ohio State recruited Ohio nearly as well.

    Let that roll around on your tongue for just a second: Kentucky recruited ohio better than any school in the Big Ten other than Ohio St. Mmmm... Tasty!

  • Land Grant Holy Land talks about Daimien Harris.

  • Neal Brown talks about the "slow it down" NCAA proposal in a free article by

Kentucky basketball
  • Calipari hopes Andrew Harrison learned from Scottie Wilbiken's play. I'm sure he's talking about defense. You have to learn to defend a guy like Wilbekin without fouling. Offensively, I think Andrew is fine, but defensively, he's got more work to do.

  • Kyle Tucker thinks that the UK basketball team sounds "surprisingly optimistic:"

    Tuesday's trip to Mississippi, then, will be telling. How will the 16th-ranked Cats (19-6, 9-3 SEC) bounce back on the road? The Rebels (16-9, 9-3) have struggled lately, losing two in a row and four of six, but all those losses were away from Tad Smith Coliseum. Ole Miss is 5-0 at home in conference play and has star Marshall Henderson, who "at any time can make five straight shots," as Calipari noted. "Can you keep your head about you if he does?"

    Too often in big games this season, Kentucky hasn't had the answer to that question, especially not against the Gators. And yet, the team remains upbeat. Assistant coach John Robic said the staff showed the team film of the final 11 minutes from the Florida game on Sunday and "dissected" what went wrong.

    I think Kentucky still has good reason to be optimistic. I'm still optimistic, although I've had to revise my expectations, and I hate having to do that.

  • Calipari rejects any change to his goals. Well, okay, if your goal is to win the NCAA tournament, then I think this is a very good thing. Anything less and I'd wonder who had taken possession of Calipari's mouth.

  • Nothing new here. To be fair, all coaches do this, almost every game. It's just another type of coach-speak.

  • Ira Combs is convinced that the mysterious technical foul on Calipari turned the game around. I think he's got a point, although I still maintain that you have to play through that kind of drama. We'll apparently never know what happened there. Just one of life's little annoyances, I guess.

  • Kentucky still sixth in the BPI, and projected to be a 2 seed. Interesting.

  • John Robic's pre-Ole Miss press conference in lieu of Coach Cal.

    Interesting comments about how positive UK was after the Florida loss. I hope it works out to their ultimate benefit. Show me, please.

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