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Florida at Kentucky: Second Half Live Game Thread

Kentucky goes into the half with a slim lead, but the Wildcats left a lot of game on the floor.

Andy Lyons

Kentucky goes into the half with a small lead, but overall, there were a lot of correctable errors in the first half. Kentucky is really very lucky to be up at all in this game, and they continue to take shots that make no sense. Kentucky just has not been aggressive enough on offense, and that needs to change.

Box Score

On the plus side, the Wildcats held Florida to a remarkably low percentage at 35%, and shot a very good percentage themselves at 50%. What that tells you is that Kentucky is either giving up too many offensive rebounds or too many turnovers, and a quick look at the stats tells you that it's both.

This was a very even half of basketball, and even thought he gators got up 8 more shots than the Wildcats, they were unable to secure the lead. What Kentucky needs to do in the second half is to be more patient on offense, but more aggressive as well. They must move the defense, not just pass the ball around the perimeter.

On defense, they must secure Florida's shooters and trust the help inside. Too many times Florida has been able to get to the line when the Wildcats should have been able to trust the help to stop the basket.

It wasn't a bad half, but Florida is better than they showed. Kentucky must raise their game in the second half.

Go, 'Cats!