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Kentucky Wildcats 64, Auburn Tigers 56: Post Game Victory Thread

Sometimes the ugly ones can be the most lovable. Right?

This isn't a foul.  Trust me.
This isn't a foul. Trust me.
John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, well, about the only thing I can say about that game is that it's over, and the Kentucky Wildcats defeated the Auburn Tigers. I have never been to the dentist and had a root canal without anesthesia, but I suspect it would be only slightly more unpleasant than this game was.

Congratulations to Auburn for putting up an outstanding fight, and the way the offiicials called this game, it's a wonder there wasn't a fistfight to go along with game effort and tough play. Both teams should feel fortunate to have all their teeth still in their heads. Chris Denson plays hard, and he finds ways to score without being a great 3-point shooter. Well done to the Tigers.

Here's your box score, if you can stand to look at it. I've had enough horror for tonight, so I'll deal with this putrid foulness later in the postmortem:

Quick thoughts:

  • No idea what was going on at the free throw line. Let's just hope it was one of those games. UK can't afford another one like this against their next foe.

  • A win is a win, and a road win is always beautiful. This one is beautiful in a galactically ugly kind of way.

  • Layups? Do the 'Cats have some aversion to making layups as well as free throws?

  • Transition defense was much, much better, and Auburn tried to run a number of times. They were successful maybe once. Message received, apparently.

  • I really don't know what happened on that late Andrew Harrison foul. I guess they gave a technical to one of the Auburn guys, but I never heard an explanation.

  • Gary Parrish will probably drop Kentucky out of his top 25 again just to get Wildcats fans riled.

  • Winning games where you don't play well is the hallmark of a good team.

  • If I were John Calipari, I would run to the bus or whatever and try to get out of town in the next five minutes.

  • Gotta give Tony Barbee credit for playing the game the only way they really had a fair chance to win, and hoping for the best. Sometimes, you just gotta trust to good fortune.

  • Kentucky rebounded well enough. If they'd have made 75% of their layups and 65% of their free throws, this game would have bee an 15+ point victory.

Ah, that's enough, you saw this mess. I could go on and on, but as each moment goes by, I feel better and better because of one very important fact — Kentucky left with a victory despite playing terribly. That's a good thing. It hurts to watch, but it's a good thing. And don't forget — the Gators got their own root canal here, just like we did.

Speaking of the Gators — they're next, baby! Time for the Wildcats to show their quality, if they can. Getting this thing out of their system was probably for the best.