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Kentucky Wildcats at Auburn Tigers: Live Game Thread

Kentucky and Auburn face off on the Plains.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the official A Sea of Blue Live Game Thread for the Kentucky Wildcats at the Auburn Tigers game. While some UK fans may be looking forward to the weekend clash between the 'Cats and the Florida Gators, that would be a mistake. This Auburn team has the stuff to beat the Wildcats in the comfy confines of their home gym.

Tonight's game represents a chance for Kentucky to get on a 4-game winning streak and prove it has the chops to go on back-to-back road games and deliver a victory. The key to this contest is for Kentucky to take the Tigers seriously, and treat them as fellow-competitors rather than a walkover. The Tigers have proven that they aren't a walkover more than once.

Essentials for victory

  • The Wildcats must use their size advantage, both in the frontcourt and the backcourt. Auburn will most assuredly try to use their quickness advantages.

  • Auburn will test the Wildcats' transition defense tonight. Kentucky must be ready to get back fast after every miss, and made basket.

  • Three point shots are fools gold in this game, and Auburn will tempt Kentucky to take them. They should resist to the maximum extent possible, drive the lane, and get to the line.

  • Kentucky has to learn how to defend quicker foes better. Auburn presents them with a learning opportunity.

  • If Kentucky will be patient against the Auburn zone, the rewards will be worth it.

  • The Tigers don't rebound well, and Kentucky does. They must exploit this relentlessly.

Kentucky has plenty of horses to win this game, but we must question, after the last game, if their minds are in the right place. Kentucky needs to demonstrate their superiority over the middle and lower tier of the SEC both on the road and at home, and so far, they haven't been willing to do that. It isn't a question of ability, it's more a question of attitude and effort.

Times a' wasting, Wildcats. Stand, and deliver.

Go, 'Cats!