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Kentucky Football: Upcoming Junior Day Event

"Junior Day" this Saturday marks the opening event of the 2015 football recruiting cycle. An unknown number of recruits and their families will travel to Lexington to meet the coaches, tour the facilities, and take in the Kentucky-Florida basketball game.

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The kickoff of the 2015 football recruiting cycle begins this Saturday as The University of  Kentucky is hosting its Junior Day festivities.  The recruits and their families will get an opportunity to formally meet all of the coaches and support staff, tour the facilities, and see the plans for the future facility upgrades. Later they will take in what should be a great environment as ESPN Gameday will be present for the Kentucky vs Florida men's basketball game.

Junior Day will be the first time most of these players have ever stepped foot on UK's campus, and it's important for Kentucky to make a strong first impression. Last season's Junior Day events paved in-roads for several Kentucky targets who went on to sign with UK. Present for the Junior Day events were Darius West, Thaddeus Snodgrass, and Drew Barker to name a few. Junior Days count as unofficial visits so prospects' travel costs are paid by their family (official visits aren't allowed until the student's senior year has started), so the list of attendees will largely be UK targets within a reasonable distance to Lexington. The trip will be too long for most - if not all - of UK's targets in Florida, for example.

According to various media reports and Twitter accounts, along with some of Patrick Loney's reporting, here is a non-comprehensive attendee list:

From the list it seems Ohio will be a primary target yet again for UK's next recruiting class. UK likely stands a stronger chance of signing blue chip prospects in Ohio given the majority of Ohio State's top targets may be elsewhere.  If OSU's focus is mainly out of state that likely helps UK's efforts in Ohio in 2015. Also, it will continue to solidify and expand the UK brand in The Buckeye State which won't hurt in future head-to-head recruiting battles against OSU.

We should learn after the weekend which recruits did in fact attend. In the meantime, I wouldn't get too concerned about the specifics of this list. What's important is getting quality recruits to Lexington this early in their recruitment. An electric atmosphere could spark an enthusiasm that last for their recruitment.