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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Jamie Anderson Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Rupp Arena renovation press conference to be held today at 1 PM in Lexington. Signing Day excitement continues for Kentucky. Calipari talks about Kentucky's difficulties. More.

American snowboarder Jamie Anderson wins the gold in Sochi.
American snowboarder Jamie Anderson wins the gold in Sochi.
Joe Scarnici

Jamie Anderson, American women's snowboarder, wins the gold in Sochi in an event that saw a frightening crash by Sharka Pancochova of the Czech Republic which broke her helmet and looked really bad for a moment. But she got up and slid on down.

Hey, Shaun White warned us about that course.

Tweet of the Morning:

Daggum Roy always makes me laugh. I figured you could use one, too. It's Monday, after all.

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
  • Commonwealth Renovations - 1 hour long - to view the renovations fast forward to the 28:00 mark (roughly): [Hank]

  • Wildcat Blue Nation looks at the signing class in review. [Via Hank]

  • Some video of Pitt transfer Demitrious Davis: [Hank]

  • Signing Day excitement continues. [Hank]

  • Football analyst praises Mark Stoops for focusing on Ohio prospects. Consider:

    "I think it’s just an outstanding job that they’ve done," Helmholdt said. "You look at how Mark Stoops has changed the mind-set about Kentucky football since he’s gotten there. He finished out the 2013 class strong and rolled it right into 2014. A major key has been reviving state-of-Ohio recruiting.

  • Elijah Sindelar's coach says UK has been the "most consistent" in his recruitment.

Kentucky basketball
Other Kentucky sports
College football
College basketball
  • Just in case you have been living under a rock, out in the field, or skulking about at depths >300 feet, Marcus Smart got a 3-game suspension for his shoving of an abusive fan.

  • ESPN's Dana O'Neil says Travis Ford let Marcus Smart down. I think this is total nonsense from a normally talented and insightful author. I don't think Marcus Smart is "falling apart." He is angry because both he, and his team are struggling. Coaches can't fix that. Coaches, in fact, applaud the passion, if not the literal push-back of Smart that cost him three games. Consider:

    What's missing is Ford saying what his mistake was, what he's learned from it, what he will do going forward to help Smart (and whatever other players he coaches) to not trip over the same live wires.

    Oh, I get it — Ford didn't throw the kid under the bus, out his personal feelings on the matter, and assure poor Dana that he's really not a serial axe murderer. Let me help you, Dana — he's not. He's a young man who got frustrated and did what young men sometimes do — lashed out at an antagonist who shouted fighting words at him.

    I wish the media would stop trying to make this into something more than it is — an unfortunate and relatively minor incident where nobody was hurt. Nobody got shot, nobody pulled a knife, and nobody threw a punch.

    I think the situation has been addressed adequately by all and sundry. Why don't we stop with the navel-gazing nonsense and get on with basketball? Smart will be fine. So will everyone else. Shut up and move on.

  • Whoa. Big victory for the Johnnies. God for them, I always thought they were underachieving, and I guess they still are, but maybe this will get them going.

Other sports news
  • Political pressure now comes in the form of threats from U.S senators over Redskins name. Goodell, thumb your nose at these guys. Dare them to try it. I agree with this guy:

    Redskins spokesman Tony Wyllie said in a statement, "With all the important issues Congress has to deal with such as a war in Afghanistan to deficits to health care, don't they have more important issues to worry about than a football team's name? And given the fact that the name of Oklahoma means 'Red People' in Choctaw, this request is a little ironic."

    In other words, STFU and GTFO, hypocrites.

*The Hefty Lefty breaks his leg. Get well soon, Jared.

Other news