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EKU 14, Kentucky 41: Second Half Live Thread

Another game, another sub-20 point half by Kentucky, this time against the Eastern Kentucky Colonels.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

There’s not a lot to say about that half of basketball except, “Jeez, when are we going to see a three point shot go in again?” Seriously, what a terrible run the Kentucky Wildcats are on when it comes to the three point shot. Horrible.

Still, Kentucky did some good things. They mostly defended the three well, they were disruptive on defense, blocked shots, and got the ball inside where they needed to for a dizzying number of lob dunks. When you have a big height advantage on the opponent, it only makes sense to use it to the maximum possible advantage, and I’d say UK did a pretty good job of that.


Kentucky had 7 turnovers, which normally would be too many, but against the kind of pressure EKU puts on, it’s not that bad. They need to knock them down in the second half. Kentucky also needs to do a better job of getting open outside looks and making them.

But you have to love the defense, allowing only 14 points. I don’t know how many sub-20 point halves Kentucky has achieved this season, but it’s quite a few.

On to the second half! Go, ‘Cats