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Back In Time To Tayshaun Prince's Greatest Defensive Play Ever

Remember when Tayshaun Prince did something amazing? Well, he did amazing things both at Kentucky and in the NBA. This video is about the latter.

This is really just an awesome video. It isn’t about Tayshaun Prince alone, it’s nominally about the guarantee Rasheed Wallace made back in 2004 that the Indiana Pacers would not win game 2 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals.

But the only reason (most likely, anyway) that Wallace’s guarantee was preserved was one of the greatest defensive plays in NBA history, and one of the most downright gobsmacking things you’ll ever see. That play featured one Tayshaun Prince, and now that I’ve described the marvel of it, probably many of you who are NBA fans as well as UK fans know exactly what it is I’m talking about.

Anyway, take a few minutes and watch the whole thing. It helps us remember just how truly excellent Tayshaun Prince has been both as a Kentucky Wildcat, and as an NBA player. When I first saw Prince in an NBA game, I couldn’t imagine how such a skinny kid with such narrow shoulders could ever compete, but man, could he. And a lot of it was mental. Tayshaun was one of the most mentally tough basketball players every to play for either the Wildcats or the pistons.