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Kentucky 20, Louisville 18: Second Half Live Thread

Well, that first half was ... interesting. Let's hope for a little better in the second half.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that was a messy half of basketball. The Kentucky Wildcats seem to be scared to deal with the contact, and the Louisville Cardinals can’t throw the ball in the ocean from point-blank range. The best way to describe that half is, "Rivalry Game."

Kentucky has really struggled with turnovers, ten in the half, and honestly, I’m surprised the Wildcats aren’t down 10 points are more. Having said that, Kentucky and Louisville did what they do best — keep the other guy from scoring. There is a lot of aggression and a lot of energy from both squads, but not much pretty basketball.


If Kentucky can get out of a half where it turned the ball over ten times with a four point lead, it can surely improve on that in the second half. What we need to see is better care taken of the basketball, a cessation of the wild attempts at home-run passes (I’m looking at you, Andrew Harrison) and basketball players making the easy play.

If we get a little more of that and a little less of guys trying to get themselves on SportsCenter, I think we’ll be fine. Another thing that needs to happen is the big guys need to remember how tall they are and stop going for every shot fake.

Go, ‘Cats!