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Kentucky 41, UCLA 7 (No, that's not a typo) - Second Half Live Thread

Not much to say about that first half that hasn't been said.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Well, folks, that was something I never thought I’d witness. UCLA just isn’t a bad enough team to score only seven points in a half of basketball. Honestly, a lot of it was just really bad shooting, because they got some good looks on the perimeter, but it was just a flagrant abuse of a basketball team by the Wildcats. Kentucky was hitting on all cylinders, and the result of a good-shooting Kentucky and a cold-shooting opponent is an extremely embarrassing score.

First Half Stats

Consider this: 0.2 points per possession for UCLA. That’s… different.

I don’t know what to look forward to in the second half. I’m really not interested in heaping abuse on another blueblood program, but if UCLA isn’t going to put up a fight, I guess that’s what we’ll see.  Perhaps we can get to the century mark.  Who knows, perhaps UCLA can get to 40?

Go, 'Cats!